Sarah Sanders Fires Back at Reporters After Claims of Trump Being a Racist

January 16, 2018Jan 16, 2018

In recent days, our nation’s political parties have been further divided following the controversy surrounding President Trump’s alleged remarks about Third World countries. Last Thursday, the mainstream media released reports that Trump referred to Third World countries as “sh--hole countries” during a private meeting about DACA, and additionally, said he pushed to take Haitians out of the immigration deal.

Trump has since denied these unconfirmed reports, but did admit to using harsh language during the private, bipartisan meeting regarding immigration. Regardless, the mainstream media and Left-wing politicians continued to call Trump a racist.

On Tuesday, January 16th, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was questioned by reporters about the recent controversy. Reporters asked about Trump’s alleged comments and the progress on the immigration plan.

Sanders called the comments about Trump’s racism “outrageous” and turned the table around on those who are making such accusations.

Sanders shot back, “If the critics of the president were who he said he was, why did NBC give him a show for a decade on TV? Why did Chuck Schumer and all his colleagues come and beg Donald Trump for money? If they are who they try to portray him as, why did they want to be with him for years and years in various activities...It’s just an outrageous and ludicrous excuse.”

“They need to get on board and start actually doing what they were elected to do,” she stated, insisting that Democrats are not willing to compromise with Republicans on this immigration deal.

Sanders continued, “[Trump’s] worried that Democrats’ unwillingness to actually put the country ahead of their party is what’s stalling things from moving forward, whether it’s the budget or whether it’s a deal on DACA."

Sanders also pointed out that in the past, Democrats have voted for the very things Trump is trying to accomplish. Their actions now are “hypocritical” and simply an “excuse” to go against the President of the United States.

Watch Sanders respond to reporters below:

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