Sanders Gives Brutal Comeback After Trump Rumors Escalate in Mainstream Media

January 04, 2018Jan 04, 2018

Over the last several days, major rumors have been swirling on Capitol Hill involving the West Wing of the White House. The talk has been surrounding a forthcoming book with alleged insider details surrounding the White House.

Author Michael Wolff interviewed dozens of staff from the Trump campaign and from the West Wing. According to Press Secretary Sanders, the interviews from the book were motivated by Steve Bannon. 

On Wednesday, President Trump slammed Steve Bannon for his claims, saying that he had completely lied. The White House said that much of the book included issues that were exaggerated or even false altogether. 

On Thursday at the daily White House press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders addressed the book. Additionally, she addressed one particular rumor that has been circling the mainstream media.

Over the past few days, multiple articles have surfaced, all quoting the book in question, that claim that President Trump did not ever want to win the presidency. The book claimed that the Trump administration never planned on winning and that the victory was a surprise. 

Sanders called those rumors "laughable" and issued a brutal comeback for those who believe the book and that President Trump wanted to lose. 

She said, "The family, the president, the first lady, they wouldn't have put themselves through that process if one, they didn't believe they could win, and two, they didn't want to win. This was something they were very committed to, and have been committed to since taking office, and will continue to do so over the next seven years."

She continued, issuing a harsh statement: "Again, it is absolutely laughable to think that somebody like this president would run for office with the purpose of losing. If you guys know anything, you know that Donald Trump is a winner and he isn't gonna do something for the purpose of not coming out on top, and not coming out as a winner. It's just, I mean, that's just one of the most ridiculous claims in the book."

Throughout the press briefing, Sanders said that there were "numerous examples of falsehoods" in the book. She said that the country should not be focused on the lies portrayed there, but rather on the growing success that the economy has seen with Trump as the president. 

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