Sanders Pans Jeff Bezos as Amazon Workers Walk Out Over Low Pay

After roughly 60Amazon warehouse workers protested their job and demanded a raise. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), expressed support for the workers during the multi-state walkout.

The main motivationThe demand for $3 an hr raises was the driving force behind the walkout at three different facilities in New York and Maryland. Workers also demanded 20-minute breaks. This was something the company offered in the earlier pandemic, but has reduced to 15 minutes in recent months.

Amazonians United workers circulated a petition in the past months, containing a list with demands, calling for the creation of a petition. more staffingBetter inclement weather policies Six workers in IllinoisAmazon facility was struck by a hurricane and the staff lost their lives.

Workers claimed that the deaths could be avoided if the company allowed cell phones to be used on the floor. The company also held storm drills with workers. The American Prospect reports, but has ignored other demands by the workers.

“If Jeff Bezos can afford a $500 million yacht, a $23 million mansion with 25 bathrooms and a rocket ship to blast a comedian to outer spaceYou know what? Amazon can afford to give its employees a $3 raise,” tweeted Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) on Wednesday. “I stand in strong solidarity with the Amazon workers walkout.”

Amazon granted $3 raises to certain facilities on a seasonal basis. However, not all facilities were eligible for the increase. This frustrates workers. The ZYO1 delivery service station in Queens charges $16.25 an hour. Starting pay at DMD9 facility in Maryland is $15.90.

“It’s about pay for everybody,” one ZYO1 worker told The American Prospect. “We’ve made it clear the past few months.”

In response to workers’ campaign for better working conditions at ZYO1, managers punished the workers by taking snacks away from the break room, but then reintroduced them by handing workers snacks individually. One worker described the move as “brainwashing” and demeaning.

Workers who work all day are entitled to longer breaks. “We work really long days, and we work at night,” Maryland associate Linda Gomma told the Associated Press. “Our breaks are really the one time we get to sit down and stretch our legs. Those five minutes don’t really matter to Amazon at all. But they matter a lot for our muscles and our sanity.”

The company has made enormous profits from the labor of its employees, despite workers begging for better conditions. Net sales increased by 22 percent in 2021The company’s revenue will increase to $469.8billion by 2020. Last year, after Bezos retired, Andy Jassy was appointed as the company’s new CEO. gave him overOn top of his previously granted stock worth $45.3million, he also received $200 million in stock. The median pay at the $1.6 trillion companyLast year, it was $29,000

The company recently announced another announcement a huge stock splitA $10 billion stock buyback plan shows that the company has enough money.