San Francisco Surrenders: Liberal City Chases Last Gun Store Out Of Town

September 26, 2015Sep 26, 2015

In a misguided attempt to control crime, San Francisco officials have targeted the last remaining gun store within the city.


According to Fox News, High Bridge Arms is shutting its doors because of new city regulations.  Since High Bridge is the only gun store in the city, it is a clear case of targeting by the city officials. 

The new regulations call for High Bridge Arms to videotape all transactions and turn customers records over to the police on a weekly basis.  That invasion of customer privacy was the final straw for the gun store that had called San Francisco home since the 1950’s.  General Manager Steven Alcairo said, “This time, it’s the idea of filming our customers taking delivery of items after they already completed waiting periods.  We feel this is a tactic designed to discourage customers from coming to us.  This year, it’s this and next year will probably be something else.  We don’t want to wait for it.”

High Bridge Arms has been targeted by the city in the past.  They are not allowed to have advertisements or displays in their windows and have had to add outrageous amounts of surveillance.  They have 17 surveillance cameras in and around the shop and are made to turn over the video to police upon request.

Despite the stringent gun laws in California and oppressive restrictions already in place in San Francisco, City Supervisor Mark Farrell seems to think that law abiding gun owners are the problem.  “Easy access to guns and ammunition continue to contribute to senseless violent crime here in San Francisco and across the country.  Even though San Francisco has some of the toughest gun control laws on the books in the country – there is more we can do to protect the public,” Farrell said in a statement.

Gun owners and constitutionalists blasted the city’s targeting of law abiding citizens.  “This is yet another piece of thoughtless, superficial, anti-American, anti-gun legislation that is a dangerous threat to our freedom and Constitution”, SF resident Chris Cheng said, “High Bridge Arms, like many gun shops around America, was a place for well-to-do folks to gather and talk shop about firearms and freedom”.

The right to bear arms is a constitutionally protected right and is being infringed upon by liberal politicians across the country.  Where San Francisco officials are wrong is they think that by infringing on the rights of law abiding and responsible gun owners to own firearms and protect themselves, that magically the criminals and people who commit violent crimes will lay down their weapons. 

The actions of liberal San Francisco officials do not come as a surprise though.  They not only scoff at the gun rights of their citizens, they have also been freely operating as a sanctuary city by ignoring federal immigration laws.  They have in effect ignored the constitution and federal laws and have set up their own version of government.