San Francisco Hit With MAJOR Lawsuit For Sanctuary City Policies

May 27, 2016May 27, 2016

Former San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was sued on Friday by the parents of Kate Steinle, who was gunned down by an illegal immigrant last year. 

Also included in the lawsuit were San Francisco city officials and federal immigration officials. According to SFGate, the Steinle family is suing the officials because of their blatant disregard for federal immigration law.

The lawsuit claims that if everyone had done their jobs by keeping the criminal illegal immigrant in custody and deporting him as they were supposed to do, then Kate would still be alive.

Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez had served 46 months in federal prison for re-entering the United States illegally after 5 previous deportations. After his sentence he was handed over to the city of San Francisco in March of 2015 because of a marijuana charge against him. However, San Francisco declined to prosecute Lopez-Sanchez and also refused to hand him back to federal authorities for deportation.

Sheriff Mirkarimi released Lopez-Sanchez into the public population per San Francisco’s illegal sanctuary city decree in which city officials band together and refuse to assist immigration officials from deporting illegal immigrants.

As a direct result of Mirkarimi’s and San Francisco’s lawless actions, Kate Steinle was murdered when Lopez-Sanchez found and fired a gun after his release. While Lopez-Sanchez says the killing was an accident, it is clear that Steinle would still be alive had elected officials upheld the law.

“Mirkarimi, the city, and the two federal agencies are responsible for providing the means and opportunity for a repeat drug felon to secure a gun and kill Kate,” Steinle’s family said in a statement.  The family is seeking unspecified damages.