San Francisco Has Spoken Out About Their Lawless Sheriff And It Doesn’t Look Good For Him

November 05, 2015Nov 05, 2015

Election fever swept through the country on Tuesday, November 3rd.  Conservatives showed up at the polls in droves and voted with their values.  A Democrat has held the office of Governor in Kentucky for decades, until Tuesday when a Tea Party candidate was elected.

Every time that the American people and their values are trampled, they show up to the polls and speak out through their vote.  Such is the case in the very liberal city of San Francisco.

According to Fox News, Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, was defeated by a landslide in the election.  He lost to Vicki Hennessy and had garnered only 31 percent of the vote compared to 62 percent for Hennessy. 


Markarimi had become notorious for his actions and defense of San Francisco’s sanctuary city policies.  His office had released criminal illegal alien Francisco Sanchez who went on to murder 32-year old Kate Steinle on July 1st on the waterfront.  He was released despite being wanted by federal immigration officials for deportation.

Markarimi had also been under fire for a series of transgressions.  His driver’s license was suspended for failing to report an accident while driving a department vehicle.  He also failed his marksmanship test.  Also under his watch, guards were accused of setting up and betting on inmate fights.  A gang leader had also escaped from custody.

It appears that San Francisco had enough of the lawless sheriff.  Newly elected sheriff Hennessy has said that Markarimi’s orders to not cooperate with federal immigration issues is misguided and that in certain cases she will notify immigration when criminals are about to be released.