Safaree Upset After White Reggae Group Wins Grammy Over Spice

After SOJA won the Grammys best reggae album award, Safaree Samuels was insane.

“A white group I have never heard of beat spice on best reggae record. The Grammys continue to amaze me. I wish artists would just really not go to that bullsh*t! They don’t know what to do when it comes time to give out their trophies. Grammys GO SUCKKKKYUHHHMUMMAAA!! He tweeted.

“Starting our own reggae band was a dream of ours and the only thing we wanted. But then people started coming to the shows, and we’re not sure what happened,” Jacob Hemphill (SOJA’s lead vocalist) said in the band’s acceptance speech. We are all inspired by the founding fathers and island of Jamaica of reggae. Give thanks, one Love.