Sadie Robertson Shares Key to Her Courage After Terrifying Trip to Somalia

February 08, 2018Feb 08, 2018

The “Duck Dynasty” Star Sadie Robertson came face-to-face with her struggle with fear during a recent trip to Mogadishu, Somalia. She traveled to that country with her mother in October 2017.

“It is the most dangerous place in the world, and I’m sitting and there’s a bomb threat, there’s shooting all around and there’s a terrorist attack happening and yet I have peace. How do I have peace?” Robertson told Fox News

The 20-year-old star continued, “I was faced with literally everything I had ever been afraid of.”

Luckily, Robertson and her mother escaped the country just before the worst terrorist attack ever in that country took place. 

Robertson is touting her new book “Live Fearless” and had just finished writing it when she toured Somalia. During that trip, rather than let fear consumer her, she explained, she became emboldened and confident in her journey to become fearless.

“I think that I always thought that being fearless would be an absence of fear, but in Somalia, I realized that wasn’t actually the case,” she said. “Because being fearless is actually being in the presence of where fear is but yet having peace.”

So what is the secret to her courage?

Her faith in God.

“It’s being in the face of fear and yet you have peace,” she said. “And you say, ‘Although I see what’s in front of me, I choose to believe that my God’s bigger, my God’s better.”

Robertson, touring the country with her message to “Live Original,” shares openly that once she gave into God, her life changed dramatically.

“What I found in that is freedom over fear, I found joy in the most bizarre places, peace that surpasses all understanding. A confidence that I never thought I would have when I was in the most insecure place. And so for me, that’s just unshakable.”

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