Sad Updates Emerge About Bus Filled with Children That Crashed

May 17, 2018May 17, 2018

Some sad updates have emerged about the New Jersey school bus that crashed into a dump truck on Thursday morning. According to Fox News, multiple people were killed during the crash that left a large yellow school bus in a mangled wreck in the middle of the highway. 

According to reports, we now know that the crash occurred at around 10 am on Interstate 80 in Mount Olive, located only 50 miles away from New York City. Imagines show that the front end of the bus was crushed and completely ripped off. When first announced by the New Jersey Police, it was referred to as a very "serious" accident involving a school bus and a dump truck.

Currently, it is unclear exactly how many students were aboard the bus, or even how many vehicles were involved in the collision. What caused the collision is also unclear. According to NBC New York, an unknown number of children were on board the school bus at the time of the 10:20 am Route 80 westbound crash near exit 25 in Stanhope. 

It is clear from the markings on the bus that the bus was from Paramus School District.

Indeed, the bus was carrying a fifth-grade class on a trip from the district to Waterloo Village, a historic site that is located about 5 miles from the accident scene. The 5th graders inside of the bus, and two other buses, were heading to Waterloo Village, but they have since returned to their respective schools. 

Photos of the crash have flooded social media and display the bus on its side in the median of the roadway. 

According to Fox News, Hackettstown Medical Center is receiving 10 patients from the crash. So far, it is clear that nearby hospitals have received numerous people from the crash, although it is unclear how many are children. At least one student has died from the crash, and several more likely have life-threatening injuries.

All lanes were quickly shut down after the incident, in order to permit police and paramedics to respond to the scene. Several people were treated for injuries on the spot, while many others were sent to the local hospital. It was reported that some people — including at least one child — were suffering from life-threatening injuries.

Since this morning, images have now emerged showing the red dump truck. It appears that the front bumper of the dump truck is completely mangled and ripped off, similar to the school bus. Multiple ambulances were seen around the truck in order to respond to the scene. 

The governor was quickly briefed on the situation. 

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