Sad News Reported About Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

May 01, 2018May 01, 2018

Some sad news has just been reported for fans of the Royal Family. According to reports, Prince Harry and his fiance, Meghan Markle, will not be seen together until their wedding day.

In sad news for Royal fans, the couple will not be seen in any official capacity until their wedding day in less than three weeks, PEOPLE understands.

The couple is said to be continuing their visits and briefings about the ceremony, although they do not have any public duties or scheduled outings in the books.

It is sure to be a nice break for the Royals. They have been the center of world media headlines for quite a while now. The entire globe seems to be anxious to watch them tie the knot at Windsor Castle on May 19th.

Watch this video below where the couple discusses the exact moment that Harry proposed. Hopefully it will hold you over until the wedding!

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