Sad News for the Family of Britney Spears, They Could Use All the Prayers They Can Get

February 20, 2019Feb 20, 2019

Some sad news has just rocked Britney Spears' family. According to reports, Jamie Lynn Spears' child's father was just arrested.

Police said they found Casey Aldridge passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle he was driving. He was reportedly under the influence of drugs.

"Cops in Mississippi busted Casey Aldridge last week, and according to the arrest report, obtained by TMZ, he had several different prescriptions pills on him. Officers were responding to a call for a suspicious vehicle parked alongside a road in Natchez, MS. Police say they found Casey passed out in the driver's seat and transported him to a local hospital," wrote TMZ.

Casey was booked into jail and arrested after he was cleared by medical personnel. He was charged with possession of Oxycodone, lorazepam, Xanax and drug paraphernalia.

Jamie was only 16 when she got pregnant in 2007. Although she and Casey decided not to stay together, he is still the father of her child and this incident is sure to hit close to home for the entire family. It is the last thing they need to be dealing with right now.

Please join us in keeping the Spears family in our prayers. We pray they work this entire thing out for the good of their children.

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