Sad News About Police Officer After Home Depot Shooting

April 25, 2018Apr 25, 2018

A Dallas police officer died on Wednesday morning, one day after he was shot when responding to an incident in Dallas, Texas. The officer died at around 8 am, according to reports. 

The incident apparently occurred at a local Home Depot after Rogelio Santander and his fellow officer were called to the scene. Santander, who had worked for the city's northeast division for three years, was responding to a request from a retired officer for help with an arrest. Sadly, he was shot, along with the other officer, shortly after arriving. 

"We were just checking out people until we started hearing people like 'There's a shooting. They're shooting,'" a witness told a local Fox station.

"From there, they were just telling us to get out of the building. Get out the building. But then they found out that he had went outside."

Fox News claims that officer Crystal Almeida, the other officer, is still in critical condition. Loss-prevention officer Scott Painter is also in critical condition as of Wednesday afternoon. It appears that both individuals will likely survive the shots and are, according to reports, "making a remarkable recovery."

But Santander's condition was different, dying on Wednesday morning only one day after being shot. 

Santander is the second officer nationwide to die on Wednesday. In Maine, a sheriff's deputy was shot overnight by a gunman who stole the officer's car and then robbed a convenience store.

Dallas News reports that Santander died at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. He was only 27 years old. 

"Our police officers have to go to work with heavy hearts, and the city council needs to go to work with our heavy hearts," the mayor said on Wednesday. 

The Dallas mayor claims that he is deeply saddened by the lack of respect for police throughout his city, which has resulted, he says, in far too many people being shot while on duty. As a result, he says, it is now time that the city works to make sure that police can be safe while at work. 

29-year-old suspect Armando Luis Juarez was arrested on Tuesday night and booked into Dallas County Jail after police chased him in a neighborhood. The chase apparently started in southeast Dallas and ended several miles away on the city's northeast side. His longtime girlfriend was with him during the time of the arrest. She has also been detained, although it is currently unclear whether she will face charges.

He currently faces one charge of aggravated assault against a public servant and another against the civilian. He is now being held on a $1.1 million bail. 

Here is a video of police taking Juarez into custody after finally catching him after the chase. 

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