Sad Details Released After Famous Sports Star Perishes in Plane Crash

February 12, 2019Feb 12, 2019

A famous sports star was recently confirmed dead after officials revealed the tragic news about a plane crash. According to reports, the body of Emiliano Sala has been pulled from the wreckage.

"Emiliano Sala -- an Argentinian soccer player -- has been confirmed dead ... coroner's ID'd a body that was pulled from a tragic plane crash as his, Dorset Police announced. The 28-year-old had boarded a small plane in France with a pilot on Jan. 21 destined for Wales ... but it crashed in the English Channel shortly after takeoff," wrote TMZ.

The soccer star was on the flight as part of a transfer to another team. He sent a message out on social media just moments before the plane went down. It was very heartbreaking to read.

"I am now aboard a plane that seems like it is falling to pieces," Sala said [translated from Spanish] ... "I'm going to Cardiff now, crazy, and tomorrow we get going. I will train with my new team tomorrow. If you do not have any more news from [me] in an hour and a half, I don't know if they need to send someone to find me. I am getting scared!"

The plane disappeared from radar reports shortly after it took off. A massive search was launched and days later the plane was discovered. Now, sad details are being released form the coronor's office about Emiliano's death.

"After the plane was located in international waters, Sala’s body was recovered and taken to Portland in Dorset. On 7 February the body was identified using fingerprint evidence. Basil Purdue, a Home Office forensic pathologist, carried out a postmortem examination on the same day and concluded that the cause of death was head and trunk injuries," according to The Guardian.

Reports also gave insight into the recovery efforts of the famous soccer player's body, along with the other people on board. The area where the plane went down was very remote and was hard to reach. They had to privately fund a rescue mission to get their bodies recovered.

In her first broadcast interview, the pilot's wife, Nora Ibbotson, said: “We just know we can’t leave him out there on his own until we have tried to do everything we can.”

The crash is still under investigation at this time. Officials are working to determine exactly why the plane one town and see how future tragedies can be prevented.

Please join us in praying to Emiliano's family and friends during this sad time. We also pray for the other people who were on board at the time the plane went down. We pray that they find peace through the comfort and grace of God.

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