NFL Player Admitted to Surgery After Serious Spine Injury

December 07, 2017Dec 07, 2017

Monday night football took a devastating turn for players and fans after a brutal collision occurred on the field. During the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals game, Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier clashed with Bengals receiver Josh Malone.

Immediately after the hit, Shazier fell to the ground, grabbing his back and unable to move his legs. The linebacker had to be carried off of the field and rushed to a local hospital, where he received a CT scan and MRI.

Previously, doctors did not think Shazier would require surgery. However, a new statement that was released on Thursday afternoon, confirmed that he underwent surgery to correct his spine on Wednesday night, reported NFL.

This story is developing and an update regarding Shazier’s condition was not immediately given. If more information is released, this article will be updated accordingly.

Doctors did reveal that Shazier's 2017 season is over and his recovery could take up to 6 months, or longer. One NFL insider stated, "Understand, this is a very serious situation for Ryan Shazier. We don't know much, if anything, about his football playing future."

According to CBS News, Shazier returned home to Pittsburgh before his surgery. He was previously being treated in Cincinnati.

On Tuesday, Shazier took to social media to thank his fans and fellow football players for their prayers and support. However, he has not posted any personal updates since.

Please continue to pray for Ryan Shazier. In other recent news, a school shooting occurred at a small town high school on Thursday. Read the latest updates here.

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