Ryan Seacrest Opens Up About How He Changed Following On-Air Health Scare

Ryan SeacrestHis entire life has been spent in front of the camera. Last year, he began to slur his speech on national television. This worried fans. Seacrest is now sharing his story and the lessons he has learned.

What happened?

Seacrest suffered a health scare during the May 2020 live broadcast. American Idol finale. His speech began to slur, and one eye began to droop. Seacrest rep denied that he had suffered from a stroke. Fans immediately became concerned. Tabloid stories started pouring in about his ailing health, with some stories claiming he was on death’s door.

Seacrest Clears The Air

Interview with the Wall Street Journal, Seacrest reflectedHis health scare. He didn’t explain what happened but said he “definitely knew that I needed to slow down” over burn-out. “I was absolutely beat and fatigued and just wasn’t letting myself accept that. Now I do.”

Between his radio show, and Live!Seacrest is on air for five hours, five days a semaine. Throw American Idol, American Top 40, red carpets and any other production work, and it’s easy to see how Seacrest would get burnt out. He’s one of the busiest men in show business.

He also found that work had a negative impact on his personal life. Seacrest blames his intense work schedule for his break up with Shayna Taylor: “I think throughout the most intense times in my life, when I made work a priority, I probably didn’t sit back, listen and prioritize a relationship as much as I should have.” Now that he’s scaling things back a bit, he’s got an eye on having kids.

What did he do?

Seacrest was advised by doctors to do less. This wasn’t easy, Seacrest says: “to say no to things is difficult. You want to say yes… when I say no to something, I feel guilt in terms of an obligation.” he started by saying no to the E! Red Carpet. He announced in 2021 his intention to move on to new adventures after 14 years of hosting. Add the end of Keep up with the KardashiansHis schedule has become more flexible.

Seacrest is now planting olive trees and learning how to cook. Of course, he’s still wicked busy. He signed a new contract for iHeart Radio and is devoted both to music and charity. Live!And American IdolFor the foreseeable. Working hard is in Seacrest’s DNA, but the speech slurring incident gave him a huge wake-up call.