Ryan Seacrest Makes ‘Tragic’ Mistake on Kelly Ripa’s New Show

Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest
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Big whoops! Ryan SeacrestHe is a well-respected TV personality but made a big mistake when he appeared on a television show. Kelly Ripa‘s new game show, Generation Gap — and lawyers had to get involved.

“There’s a portion in the show that I’m sure is not in there now where I was reading a card, and I was so nervous,” the Emmy winner, 47, recalled on the Thursday, July 7, episode of Ryan Seacrest on Air. “I was so nervous I was going to screw it up that I read the question and the answer.”

His Live with Kelly & Ryan cohost, 51, put it more succinctly: “He gave away the answer.”

Seacrest was supposed to read the clue, “This is American … blank,” with the idea being that a contestant would then fill in the gap with the word, “Idol.” The producer, however, didn’t leave a blank and instead read out the entire show title.

“And then it was panic on the set,” the Georgia native joked. “It’s tragic.”

Ripa said that lawyers for the network were then required to intervene, presumably to make sure that no rules had been broken. “He screwed it up and the lawyers went into lawyer mode,” the All My Children alum recalled. “I knew already the horror of the lawyers, and once the lawyers come out, everything shuts down for 45 minutes.”

The former Hope & Faith star joked that she’s worked with Seacrest for so long that she couldn’t embark on her new project without his help. “Because we are so codependent, I couldn’t possibly do a prime time show without involving Ryan Seacrest,” she said. “At one point I just left the stage and let you take over, which is my sweet spot.”

The duo has cohosted Live with Kelly & RyanSince 2017, Seacrest has been the helmed American IdolSince its 2002 debut. After a two-year hiatus, the radio personality returned to host the show in 2018, following which it was moved from Fox to ABC.

When Idol celebrated its 20th anniversary in February, Seacrest said that he “never expected” it would evolve in the way it has.

“I think about the impact in the music culture,” the media mogul wrote in an essay for The Hollywood Reporter. “I get to play songs on the radio,And there was a time when maybe music directors or program directors thought, ‘Oh, this is a novelty act. This is a novelty song coming from a television show, who knows if this is really a star?’ I think there was a time when you weren’t truly accepted if you won a television competition in the music world, but that has changed.”

Seacrest pointed out that some of the music world’s biggest current stars — Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson — all came from the world of Idol. “That talent has diluted any concept of lack of credibility,” he added.

Generation GapABC airs Thursdays at 9 PM on ABC ET.

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