Ryan Seacrest Has ‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’ Wardrobe Malfunction

Ryan Seacrest.

Zip up! Ryan SeacrestDuring the course of the year, a wardrobe malfunction occurred Live with Kelly & Ryan — but didn’t skip a beat when fixing it on camera.

“By the way, my fly is down,” Seacrest, 47, told the talk show audience on Tuesday, August 2, while reaching down to adjust his suit. He wore a navy Ralph Lauren shirt with a light blue pinstripe shirt.

Seacrest’s omission caught his temporary cohost Carson KressleyBy surprise. “What? I guess you’re just happy to see me!” the Queer Eye alum, 52, joked. (Seacrest’s usual cohost Kelly Ripa It has been available since Monday, August 1st.

The American Idol host blamed his fashion faux pas on Kressley’s impeccable style. “I just threw this on at the last minute because I saw what you were wearing,” Seacrest said. “I had to make a quick change.”

The Georgia native had an earlier wardrobe problem while filming American IdolIn May. Ripa, 51 at the time, recounted the story to Seacrest, explaining that it was due to Seacrest showing too much of himself on set.

“Apparently, America voted and decided there was anatomy in the shot,” Seacrest quipped on Live with Kelly & RyanIn May, he revealed that his stylist had told him to immediately change his underwear.

The radio personality said that he didn’t have any extra underwear, but the stylist was able to provide it. “He says, ‘Don’t worry — I’ve got mine,’” Seacrest told the All My Children alum. “So we go backstage during the commercial and find a little corner and I’m literally taking off my pants, off my underwear and putting his on.”

Ripa was appalled by the ordeal, saying, “No, no!” The Emmy winner, however, rolled with it and was ready to go after the commercial break with different underwear.

“Guys, anything for the show, right?” Seacrest told the talk show audience with a laugh. “It’s a family show.”

Since joining Live with Kelly & RyanIn 2017, the KardashiansProducer has seen his fair share embarrassing moments.

Seacrest fell to the ground after he leaned back on his chair to catch a balloon in January 2020. “First fumble of the new season. Hope I make the playoffs….” he captioned an Instagram clip of the moment, poking fun at the failed move.

The video went viral, and Seacrest, a month later, reflected on the incident, telling Jimmy Fallon, “This is what I’ll be known for!” He explained during an appearance on The Tonight Show that he wasn’t prepared for such big balloons.

“I couldn’t stop staring so I’m trying to catch one of the balloons and then it happens,” the Ryan Seacrest host added. “What I realized is that we have this beautiful hardwood floor that clearly is just cement with a sticker on top. I fell hard, and I got a bruise to my thigh. The show is called Live so we couldn’t do it again.”

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