Ruth Graham: The Woman Behind The Famed Gospel Preacher

February 23, 2018Feb 23, 2018

Billy Graham was one of the most iconic Gospel preachers in recent memory. He changed the lives of millions of people and inspired them to come to Christ.

However, many people don't know as much about his wife, Ruth, as they do about Billy. She was a truly remarkable woman who is credited with helping Billy accomplish his mission more than nearly any other member of his family.

"Billy Graham enjoyed 63 years of marriage to Ruth Graham and together they raised 5 children. When she died in 2007 he called her a 'spiritual giant whose unparalleled knowledge of the Bible and commitment to prayer were a challenge and inspiration to everyone who knew her,'" according to CBN.

Billy spoke lovingly of his wife and was not shy to one up about the struggles of his measure and world things they went through together. However, one thing was always a constant. Billy never wavered in saying he and Ruth were called by God to be a team. He even made a rule that he would never spend time alone with a woman other than Ruth. It has come to be known as the "Billy Graham Rule" and even Vice President Pence said he practices it.

"But Graham didn't gloss over the challenges in his marriage. Instead, he was willing to talk about their struggles. He called them 'happily incompatible' and quoted his wife as saying 'if two people agree on everything one of them is unnecessary.,'" reported CBN.

However, Graham said he did have regret. His work preaching the Gospel took him away from home a lot. He was very busy with traveling the world and speaking to millions of people. Later in his life, he opened up about all of his travel and said he wishes he would have stayed home more.

"I'm sure Ruth and the children paid a heavy price for all the times I was absent. I always tell younger evangelists not to feel like they have to accept every invitation they get or be absent from home so much," said Billy.

What do you think about this? Please join us in celebrating Billy's life and continuing to pray for the Graham family. Also, make sure you read our newest article about the final social media post that Billy ever put on Facebook. It is truly amazing and some are wondering if he knew the end was near.

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