Ruth Bader Ginsburg Comments on If She's Retiring

October 30, 2017Oct 30, 2017

Rumors have been swirling about 84-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg retiring from the Supreme Court for years. She’s answering the question once again: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is still not leaving the bench, reported CNN

On Friday at an event sponsored by Equal Justice Works, US Appeals Court Judge Ann Williams asked Ginsburg, once again, if she’d be retiring. As always, Ginsburg had an answer ready.

"My answer is as long as I can do the job full steam, I will do it," answered the justice who has served on the Supreme Court since 1993.

Recently, President Trump made comments that seem to suggest he believes he’ll get more vacancies during his first term as president. At the same time, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is pursuing an aggressive campaign to push through nominations of lower court judges.

Ginsburg has been answering the question for the past few years. She’s been using the same answer, but she’s had to change it.

"I used to have an answer, it worked for a lot of years," she said. "It was Justice Brandeis—when he was appointed, he was the same age as I was, 60. And he stayed for 23 years, so I expect to stay at least as long. Well, now I've passed Brandeis, I've passed (Justice Felix) Frankfurter," she said.

Ginsburg, who is known as the “Notorious R.B.G” among her supporters, is loved by her liberal supporters for her liberal opinions. In 2016, she bashed President Trump as a “faker,” and she criticized him for not releasing his tax returns.

In other news, the spouse of a Southern senator was just rushed to the hospital with heart problems. 

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