Russia Sentences Jehovah's Witness to 6 Years in Prison, Claims He's an Extremist

February 06, 2019Feb 06, 2019

A sickening story is making headlines this week out of Russia. According to reports, a Jehova's Witness has been sentenced to prison for spreading his faith.

"A Russian regional court on Wednesday sentenced a Danish Jehovah's Witness to six years in prison, in the latest incident by Moscow to crack down on personal freedoms. Dennis Christensen was arrested in May 2017 after a police raid on his congregation just south of Moscow. He was found guilty of extremism," wrote Fox News.

Christensen spoke out about the sentencing as he was being transported. He told reporters he does not agree with the sentence and hopes this serves as a tipping point to help protect religious liberty and freedoms in Russia.

"I do not agree with this judgment, it's a big mistake," Christensen told reporters after being led away in handcuffs in the city of Oryol.

Jehova's Witnesses have been banned in Russia since 2017. They were said to have been declared an extremist organization. At this time, 20 other people are awaiting trial for doing the same thing.

His wife Irina Christensen added: "I'm really sad that such a thing is happening in Russia, very sad. The same thing could happen to any of us."

Christensen, a 46-year-old builder, was leading a local Bible reading when he was arrested. He is the first member of the Jehovah's Witness to be sentenced for extremism, Tanya Lokshina, the Moscow-based associate director for Human Rights Watch’s Europe and Central Asia division, told The Washington Post.

Join us in praying for this man and his family. We also pray for all those who are persecuted for their faith. May God have mercy upon them.

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