Russell Moore: 4 Reasons Why Christian Millennials Aren't Destroying The Church

March 27, 2016Mar 27, 2016

Millennials (people generally born in the '80s and '90s) tend to get a bad rap, and Southern Baptist ethicist Russell Moore says it's no different in Christian circles. Perceptions of millennials being lazy and self-centered carry over into the church.

But in an article on the Christian Post, Moore defends millennial Christians, pointing out these four ways they're contributing greatly to the cause of Christ:


1. Millennials are "'far more committed' to sharing the Gospel with people outside of Christian subcultures" than Generation Xers and Baby boomers.

2. While some millennials are entitled and narcissistic, they aren't guilty of having that attitude more than the preceding two generations.

3. Millennials are "'far more theologically rooted' than their parents." Moore added, "On the whole...I find the millennial generation's grasp of Gospel Christianity far better than what we've seen in a long time. They tend to be better at articulating a Christian vision of life, because they've had to do so all their lives, never able to count on a pseudo-Christian culture to do pre-evangelism for them."

4. Millennials aren't deaf to the advice of their elders. In fact, Moore says they're "begging for such guidance." But it's not unusual for the younger generation to rely on sermons they find on the internet from pastors elsewhere rather than on the sermons of their local church. Moore says it's because they don't always find the guidance they seek locally.

Do you agree with his reasons? What would your add or change?