Rush: Why The GOP Establishment Wants Cruz To Win, Then Lose

April 15, 2016Apr 15, 2016

On his conservative radio talk show today, Rush Limbaugh said it's quite possible that the Republican Party establishment wants Ted Cruz to win the nomination.

And then lose to Hillary. Why? Because, Rush said, the GOP establishment wants to prove that conservatism in their party doesn't win elections.


Rush explained, "The Republican establishment wants Cruz to be the nominee because they're convinced Cruz is gonna lose. And if they're gonna lose, they want a rock-ribbed conservative to lose so that they can then blame it on conservatism."

He said that if Cruz loses to Hillary, then the establishment will say, "See? See? Okay, we ran the best conservatives you people said we had; the guy got skunked. That's why we can never nominate another conservative. ...conservatism loses every time it's tried."

Do you think Rush is right? Do you believe the Republican Party leaders would be willing to sacrifice a presidential election to lessen the influence of conservatism in the party, even though they think it'd get Hillary elected this time around?