Rush: Why Dems Spent 2 Years Trying To Give Hillary New Identity, Reason For Running

October 27, 2016Oct 27, 2016

On his conservative radio talk show Thursday, Rush Limbaugh commented on a new WikiLeaks release that revealed a focus group that spent 2 years and budgeted $2 million to try to give Hillary Clinton a new identity as a presidential candidate and to figure out why she should be running in the first place.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, "Hillary Clinton began conducting focus groups and polling swing state voters as early as December 2014 to figure out how to brand herself and find a 'rationale' for running for president. A 'fundamental question' was how to brand Hillary as either 'Bad[expletive]/hip' or a 'Grandma.'"

"They ought not have to brand her," Rush exclaimed. "They ought not have to tell people who she is. She ought not have to fake behavior.

Rush continued, "The Democrats, particularly the modern-era Democrats, cannot be honest about what they really believe, and they really can't be honest about who they are. Because if they were, you would detect the contempt they have for average, ordinary Americans. You would detect the contempt they have for people they consider to be beneath them socially, economically, intellectually, you name it."

He added, "This, to me, proves that the woman is a fake, that she is a fraud, and, in her natural state, unappealing."

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