Rush: Trump Just Broke Politics, And The Crowd Went Wild

August 25, 2016Aug 25, 2016

According to conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump did something last night that is unheard in politics. During a town hall event in San Antonio, Texas, when asked about his plans for dealing with illegal immigration, Trump turned away from the event's host — conservative radio talk show host Sean Hannity — and actually asked the large crowd of attendees what they thought should be done. He then proceeded to conduct a verbal poll with the audience, presenting different solutions to get their feedback.

"I've been trying to think if I can ever recall a presidential candidate anywhere turning to the audience at a rally or anywhere and asking, taking a poll what his audience thinks that he ought to do," Rush observed. "I'm used to candidates who know what their policy is and telling the audience what it is and trying to persuade the audience to understand it, agree with it, and help the candidate promote it."

But, Rush said, the crowd loved it.

"They actually love it because that to them is Trump listening to them because he cares," Rush explained.

A caller to Rush's show expressed, "I had tears in my eyes. That's 'we, the people.' It's our country."

What do you think about this?

(Note: Jump ahead to 3:50 if you want to see where Trump begins to ask the audience what they think)

Here's the full transcript from Fox News:

HANNITY: Let me — let me go back — I know we got into this a little bit last night, but I think this is going to be a big issue. And that is, OK, you're not a criminal alien. You committed no crimes, but you didn't respect our laws and sovereignty.

You also seem to be indicating there might be something other than they have to go back. Am I reading that right?

TRUMP: Look, we have to follow the laws of our country.


TRUMP: We have to follow the laws.

HANNITY: Right. That means they go back.

TRUMP: We have to follow the laws. Now, can we be -- and I'll ask the audience. You have somebody who's terrific, who's been here...

HANNITY: Twenty years.

TRUMP: Right, a long time. A long court proceeding, long everything, OK, in other words, to get them out. Can we go through a process, or do you think they have to get out? Tell me. I mean, I don't know. You tell me.


HANNITY: Well, let me...


HANNITY: How many think they should go through a process that maybe give them a chance. What, we've got to hear you.

TRUMP: How many people ...


HANNITY: How many think they should go?


TRUMP: Do it again. Do it again. So let me ask you because this is like -- this place is packed.


TRUMP: Does everybody get this kind of a crowd?



TRUMP: See, this is why he keeps calling us back, right?

But look, let me ask you, the process. So you have somebody that's been in the country for 20 years, has done a great job, has a job, everything else. OK. Do we take him and the family, her or him or whatever, and send them out? Are they gone?

Or when somebody really has shown -- you know, it's called, like, the merit system, other than they did break the law in the first place, OK? And that's a little unfair to people, but we'll let -- we're going to let people come in anyways. They'll come in legally. We're going to let people come in anyway. It's not going to have an impact.

So do we tell these people to get out, number one, or do we work with them and let them stay in some cases?

OK, are you ready? I'm just curious because it's a very interesting -- no, wait, wait. So the bad ones, the gang members, all them, what do you think? Does anybody disagree on the gang members?


TRUMP: Is there one person -- yes, there's a gang member over there.


TRUMP: OK. Is there one person -- and I mean we will get them out so fast. You know, the police know who they are. This is no, like, great secret, like, I wonder who they are. These police know, and the people know who they are.

They know who they are, and they're going to be gone, like. so fast your head will spin. OK. So that's easy, right?


TRUMP: So now we have the person 20 years been an upstanding person, the family's great, everyone's great. Do we throw them out or do we work with them and try and be...



TRUMP: Ready?


TRUMP: Number one, we'll say throw out. Number two, we work with them. Ready? Number one.


TRUMP: Number two.



HANNITY: But this is important because -- so you're saying there is -- and you have been sort of indicating that there will be some flexibility, that -- originally, you had said they're all out and there was a big brouhaha, but you're saying that if somebody can prove that they've been here, proven to be a citizen -- but wait, here's the big question though.

TRUMP: Go ahead.

HANNITY: No citizenship.

TRUMP: No citizenship, no.


HANNITY: Everyone agree with that?


TRUMP: Let me go a step further. They'll pay back taxes. They have to pay taxes. There's no amnesty as such. There's no amnesty.



TRUMP: But we work with them. Now, OK, but when I look at the rooms -- and I have this all over -- now, everybody agrees we get the bad ones out. But when I go through and I meet thousands and thousands of people on this subject -- and I've had very strong people come up to me, really great,
great people come up to me. And they've said, Mr. Trump, I love you, but to take a person that's been here for 15 or 20 years and throw them and the family out -- it's so tough, Mr. Trump. I mean, I have it all the time!

It's a very, very hard thing. So I've got to -- look, this is like a poll. There's thousands of people in this room. Who wants those people thrown out?



TRUMP: Well, who wants them? Who wants them? Who's the guy who wants them thrown out?


TRUMP: The guy who wants them thrown out, stand up. Stand up.

HANNITY: All right.


HANNITY: Hold on.


HANNITY: All right. So you've got -- there's that...

TRUMP: So who wants to -- by the way, no amnesty, no citizenship, et cetera. Who doesn't want them thrown out? Who does not want them thrown out?


HANNITY: Stand up. Well, there you go.

All right. So then that raises -- Mr. Trump, that raises a really important question. You heard from the audience. What does your gut tell you you want to do?

TRUMP: Well, look, this is like a poll.


TRUMP: But this is like a poll. And I love the guy that stood up and said -- where is that guy? I love this guy. That's my guy. I mean, I get it. I get it. And I understand what you're saying.

But this is sort of like a poll. And this is what I'm getting all over the country, Please, please -- we are going to come out with a decision very soon. The bad guys are out of here. Now, that one, we agree on. I mean, they're...


TRUMP: They're going to be out of here even faster than you could throw them out, OK? I'm telling you! They're going to be out and they're going to be out...