Rush: Trump Is Missing A HUGE Opportunity Here!

October 26, 2016Oct 26, 2016

On his conservative talk radio show today, Rush Limbaugh latched onto something big that a caller revealed to him: Trump's campaign is missing a huge opportunity in these last few weeks before the election.

The caller, Alicia Voorhees of New Jersey, lamented that Trump supporters are hungry to do more to help him get elected but don't know what to do. In other words, they're lacking marching orders.

"In my view," Alicia explained, "The Trump campaign has the biggest ground game in American history, in American political history. They're just not tapping into it. They're forgetting, Trump supporters, they're workers, they're doers."

Alicia emphasized that she believes there needs to be someone coordinating Trump supporters to get people registered to vote, help potential voters get absentee ballots, and help neighbors get to polling places.

She concluded, "These people are workers; they're doers. They'll do it! You want a ground game? Just ask them to be your ground game."