Rush To 11-Year-Old: THIS Is How To Respectfully Deal With Liberal Teacher

January 23, 2016Jan 23, 2016

When 11-year-old Matthew of Raleigh, North Carolina was asked by his private school teacher to write down the name of a visionary in the world — aside from Martin Luther King Jr. — he was dismayed when the teacher did not accept his answer.

Other students wrote down names on the classroom board like Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, and Pope Francis, but when Matthew wrote Donald Trump, his teacher told him to erase it. When the teacher asked him what good Trump had done in the world, Matthew tried to defend the presidential candidate by pointing out his success in the business world, the buildings he's built, and his ability to broadcast his ideas to a large audience. But his argument was to no avail, and the teacher made him erase it anyway.

Upset and feeling like his freedom of speech had been violated, Matthew called Rush Limbaugh on his nationally syndicated radio talk show yesterday to get his advice.


Rush praised the boy for standing up for what he believed but also being respectful to his teacher by obeying her authority in the classroom. He assured Matthew that his freedom of speech was indeed violated, but that the teacher has a right to do that in the classroom. However, he made it clear to Matthew that the government does not.

Rush explained, "You did the right thing. You have to respect the authority figure. As long as you're able to not let that teacher convince you you're wrong. If you really believe what you were doing, then in your heart, it stays there, and you're just doing what you have to do. It's a great life lesson. You're doing what you have to do. She owns that classroom. Obviously, it's a learning exercise for you. You can learn a lot from it, and among those things is how to stay steadfastly devoted to what you believe, because this is gonna happen to you like it happens to everybody, many times."

Matthew pointed out that numerous other children in his class made fun of him for making a stand for Trump.

Rush continued, "You just continue to stay — I can't believe I'm saying this to an 11-year-old — you just stay dedicated to what you truly believe, understanding that all kinds of people are gonna insult you or tell you you're wrong. And some of them you're gonna have to kowtow to like the authority figure of a teacher, but others — in all cases let it go in one ear and out the other."

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