Rush: THIS Is Why Doctors Will Report Your Gun Ownership

January 06, 2016Jan 06, 2016

Obama's newest gun control rules could radically changed your relationship with your doctor.

According to the The Blaze, the president finalized a gun control rule Monday that calls on doctors to report any mental illness of any patient under their care, especially if that patient has revealed that they're a gun owner. Essentially, it removes a doctor-patient confidentially wall of privacy that has existed until now.

This is being done, of course, in the name of protecting Americans from mentally ill gun owners. The Brady law, enacted in 1993, prohibits some mentally ill people from owning a firearm.

But during his radio talk show Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh voiced major concerns with the effects of this new ruling.


A woman called in saying, "My issue is that with the doctor thing and the guns, what is going to happen is people are going to fear going to their doctor for certain things. I'm going to tell my kids, 'Don't tell them anything,' and that's such an issue."

Rush replied with a few major points, first saying, "It blows the whole notion of doctor-patient confidentially sky-high. If you go to the doctor aware that if he decides that you're mentally disturbed — even just that day. You don't have to be every day. He doesn't see you every day, obviously. But all the doctor has to do is consider or worry or fear that a patient might be unbalanced, and if he thinks that, he's required to report it."

Then he brought up how that would affect the doctor, saying, "Here's the way the doctor's gonna think about it. So a screwball comes in, a regular patient that he knows. That day the patient's wacko, doing some weird things, and the doctor says, 'What if this guy goes out and gets in an accident or what if this guy kills himself or hurts himself and I haven't reported it? Oh, my God! What if they come after me and ask, 'Why didn't you report it?'' So he's gonna feel pressure to report the patient, just to keep the Feds off him."

Lastly he mentioned what's already allowed in California, saying, "And doctors in California can have their patients' homes raided. You have doctors now permitted to ask patients about guns in their homes. If the doctors fear the government, they're gonna take the safe approach and report it, and then this government says, 'Okay, we've had a doctor report that Patient X over here is a nutcase.' That puts 'em on notice. So you're right. People, as patients become aware of this, they are probably going to be withholding some information from a doctor so the doctor doesn't think that they're wacko."

Do you agree with Limbaugh's take on this?