Rush Said WHAT?!

February 18, 2016Feb 18, 2016

The FBI's demands that Apple help them break into one of the San Bernardino terrorists' iPhones is creating a firestorm of debate over national security versus personal privacy. Many conservatives are siding with the FBI on this, wanting the government to get all the help it can get to find these terrorists' links to ISIS in the bigger War on Terror.

But conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh believes something far more nefarious is in the works when he gave this dire warning: "It's very tough to stand up for citizens' privacy rights when the FBI and the White House say, 'Hey, it's just that one phone! Don't panic here. All we want is that one phone!' But that's not all they want. That's not all. This is the federal government making a move on a private corporation. And this was a strategically planned — this was a specifically chosen event by the FBI. In fact, I don't even think what's on this phone is the real target for the FBI and the government. I think it's just the way they're getting in."


Rush explained that FBI is not simply asking Apple to help them get them break through the passcode of one single iPhone. Rather, they're asking for the key so they can do it themselves, and that key could give them access to everyone's iPhones.

Then he explained the wider implications, saying, " the FBI has the key. Then other law enforcement gets the key. By the time the first week is over, hundreds of thousands of law enforcement people have the key to get into iOS devices."

And Rush believes it's very likely the federal government is going to win this one, saying, "I don't care how big Apple is: When the full force of the government comes at you, there's any number of ways they can get what they want."