Rush's REVOLUTIONARY Idea To Improve on Trump's WALL PLAN

April 05, 2016Apr 05, 2016

Donald Trump garnered a lot of attention today ahead of the Wisconsin Primary when he released his plan for how he's going to have Mexico pay for 1,000 miles of new border fence along its boundary with the U.S if he becomes president.


His main tenant was limiting wire transfer of money from U.S and Mexico and banning illegal immigrants from making transfers, which make up a majority of the transfers. Then, when the government of Mexico panics at over $20 billion in lost money coming into their country, Trump will demand they pay for the wall before he'll lift the restrictions.

On his conservative radio talk show today, Rush Limbaugh said he's got a better idea.

Rush said, "You could just tax [wire transfers]. You could pull an Obama and you could impose a massively high tax rate. You could do that legally, too. Simply set up a tax rate on wired money transfers out of the country to a specific place, like Mexico."

Then build your wall off that.