Rush's BRILLIANT Point On Why The Left Is Winning The Bathroom Battle

April 21, 2016Apr 21, 2016

With the news breaking yesterday about Target announcing anyone can use either gender's bathrooms and fitting rooms in their stores, and with Donald Trump today speaking out in favor of transgender people using the bathrooms of their choice, our current bathroom battle is one of the biggest things happening in America.

And on his conservative radio talk show today, Rush Limbaugh made a brilliant point about why the left is winning.


If you look at "bathroom choice" from the perspective of right or wrong, Rush explained, it doesn't make sense that people who don't like the idea of their wives and daughters sharing bathrooms with grown men are losing this battle. Just a few years ago, the idea would have been outrageous. But rather, this movement has been framed by the left as "us" versus "them." "Us" is the oppressed minority (the left) and "them" is the oppressive majority (the right).

"But we [on the right] don't know that," Rush said. "We still think it's right and wrong, so we're sitting here incredulous that all of this behavior any normal person would see is wrong."

We are in a culture war, Rush explained, and in many ways we've already lost. The same thing happened with thousands of years of marriage being redefined almost overnight.

He then focused on the frightening reality that, "The whole point of the culture war is an us-versus-them framework now. And the whole point of the us-versus-them battle has been to obliterate the whole notion of morality — just wipe it out, on the belief that nobody has the right to define it."

The left, Rush explained, has always felt like "right and "wrong" were merely something defined by those in power, not something universal, and thus it must now be redefined as they rise in power.

Rush concludes that what the left is saying to conservatives is, "You don't have the right to define morality — and if you do, then you're a problem. You're the problem."