Rush Reveals One Thing That The Mainstream Media Is Ignoring About Clinton’s Email Scandal

August 26, 2016Aug 26, 2016

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh just pointed out something about Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails that every Congressman, Senator, and journalist should be asking about.

On Friday’s show, Rush revealed that Hillary and her inner circle used a special app called “BleachBit” to selectively delete emails from her personal server. “Well, they used BleachBit,” Rush said. “Now, why would you go to that? I mean, this was not just deleting.  This was not just saying, "Ah, those are yoga and wedding-related emails, and that's not relevant to what you want.  I've gone through all 60,000, and there's about 30,000 that would be useful to you."  If the other emails that she didn't submit were just yoga and wedding planning stuff and wedding reception stuff, then it wouldn't be any big deal if someday people stumbled across it.  But apparently it would, because they used BleachBit and who knows what other techniques to really scrub that server.”

Rush brings up a good point. Hillary didn’t just click the delete button on a few personal emails that wouldn’t raise any eyebrows if seen. She purposefully used a special program that makes it impossible to retrieve the emails.

“You know how when you delete something off a computer hard drive, it doesn't really delete it,” Rush said. “It just destroys the directory to it so it can't be accessed, but the data, let's say there's 30,000 emails, she deletes 30,000 email address, okay?  They're still on the server, but the directory, computer lingo for the pathway to them is what's destroyed. 

And when the directory is destroyed, then they can be overwritten when that space is needed. So if she has, just to make up some numbers, if those 30,000 emails are on a one-gigabyte hard drive, those emails wouldn't be destroyed until she starts saving other data that needs the space where those emails are.  If you really want to delete the data, you have to get a program like BleachBit, which scrubs the hard drive and gets rid of some of, but not all of, just enough of the data to make whatever you can salvage seem like hieroglyphics.”

Why do you think Hillary and her team used BleachBit? Do you think she has something to hide?