Rush: Release Of Trump's Tax Returns Shows Why We ABSOLUTELY Must Elect An Outsider

October 03, 2016Oct 03, 2016

The mainstream media and Democrat politicians went wild over the weekend after the New York Times illegally obtained and published a 1995 tax return showing, as CNN described, that Trump "declared a $916 million loss that could have allowed him to legally skip paying federal income taxes for years."

But conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh today said that this whole incident proves why we absolutely must elect an outsider to the presidency rather than a Washington insider.

Addressing the issue at the opening of his show, Rush said the following:

"The illegal publishing of Donald Trump's tax return encapsulates and validates the reason why an outsider absolutely must be elected president, if you ask me. This is an act of illegality. Donald Trump has followed the law. Nobody in this is even alleging he broke the law. He certainly hasn't been accused of it by the IRS or anybody else.

"We're talking about 1995. Donald Trump has followed the law. The media broke the law. The New York Times breaks the law. Do you realize how much lawlessness is dominating the events every day in our country from illegal immigration to the Clintons' illegal pay and play for their foundation, to the Clintons illegal accepting payoffs and front money in advance of her being elected president and while she was secretary of state.

"Do you realize all the lawbreaking, the real illegality that we are dealing with every day, the breakdown of the rule of law, and that's not the story? Donald Trump has followed the law, the media has broken the law, and the illegal publishing of Trump's tax return I think, again, illustrates, validates, if you will, the reasons why an outsider absolutely must be elected president."

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