Rush Questions Authenticity Of Crying Bernie Sanders Volunteer Video

February 23, 2016Feb 23, 2016

Have you seen it yet? The video that just went viral of a crying Bernie Sanders volunteer?

On his talk show today, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh questioned its authenticity. In the 4-minute Facebook video, a young woman who claims to be a Bernie volunteer talks about her "horrible" experience calling the "really sick people" who support Trump and "refer to human beings as animals."

Fighting back tears throughout the video, the woman named Chelsea trashes the numerous Trump supporters she talked to in the Deep South who allegedly spewed nothing but hatred and racism at her. She claims, with just a few exceptions, only the Bernie and Hillary Clinton supporters were civil.

But Rush isn't buying it. He thinks it's likely a hoax and pointed out the oddness of a Bernie volunteer calling to get support from so many Trump fans.

Rush said, "It was too cliched. It fits every stereotype too perfectly. I think the whole thing was just too pat. It's gone viral too fast. And I think it's designed — a typical Democrat trick — to portray ... how mean and vicious it is out there."

Do you agree with Rush?