Rush: NFL Is Committing A Blatant Hypocrisy Against The Fallen Dallas Officers

August 12, 2016Aug 12, 2016

On Wednesday, the NFL denied the Dallas Cowboys' request to put a decal on their helmets honoring the police officers killed in the sniper attack in July.

According to Fox Sports, Cowboys Vice President Stephen Jones said, "There are so many wonderful, wonderful causes, the league has to be careful. If you allow one, then what do you do about every team that has a great reason to have something on their helmets?"

But on Friday, conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh pointed out that the NFL did nothing when the St. Louis Rams walked onto the field with a "hands up, don't shoot" salute in honor of Michael Brown who was shot and killed during a confrontation with police in Ferguson, Missouri.

Why the differing treatment?

Rush said that the NFL fears that allowing the decal — which simply says "Arm in Arm" along with a star — will be "like lighting a match" and could provoke people.

Which people?

"Black Lives Matter," Rush said.

What do you think of this?