Rush: Mexico Has SHOCKING Response To Trump!

April 26, 2016Apr 26, 2016

On his conservative radio talk show today, Rush Limbaugh pointed out that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's characterization of Mexico as "a cradle of drug-runners, job poachers and rapists" is having a result many would not have expected.

In a shocking response to the GOP frontrunner who vows to build a wall, deport illegal immigrants, and greatly reduce the amount of money flowing from the U.S. into Mexico until problems are solved, the Mexican government's PR wing is rushing to boost the country's image.


According to Reuters, the country's newest ambassador, Carlos Sada, said upon being sworn in last Thursday that "We need to do a more thorough job so that people understand what (Mexico) contributes."

He admitted Mexico's image is poor in America, and his new mission is to improve it with media campaigns and help from U.S. companies and lawmakers.

Mexico is certainly worried about what a Trump presidency could do to its economy if Trump does what he promises.

Rush said "some might say whatever Trump is doing is already getting results."