Rush Limbaugh: Why Bernie Won't Get the Democratic Nomination

February 12, 2016Feb 12, 2016

"Bernie is not going to be the nominee, and Bernie even knows that."

Those are the words of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh this afternoon in his analysis of the "painful Democrat debate" last night.


According to Rush, the game is rigged against Bernie Sanders with the Democrats' superdelegates. WMUR 9 ABC points out that even though Bernie trounced Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire Primary this Tuesday with 60 percent of the vote over Hillary's 38 percent, earning him 15 pledged delegates over Hillary's 9, she could end up with as many delegates as him at the national convention in Philadelphia this summer.

Through a boggling process that involves 8 additional unpledged superdelegates — 7 of whom are free to choose who they support and 6 of which are high-ranking Democratic Party officials who favor Hillary — she and Bernie could both end up with 15 delegates each.

2,382 delegates and superdelegates are needed for a Democratic candidate to win the party's nomination. Hillary already has 394, while Bernie has only 44.

For this reason, Rush believes the race is being rigged in Hillary's favor.

Rush points out that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid knows it too, because when explaining the superdelegate system that could weigh things in Hillary's favor, he said it's in place "because 97% of the population of Iowa is white and 96% of the population of New Hampshire is white. We can't have people in those states with such an overwhelming advantage choosing the nominee in the first two races out of the gate. There aren't any black people that live there. There aren't any people of color that live there that are voting. It's totally unrepresentative of the country. It's unfair. So we have to do the superdelegates to kind of balance it out. So the superdelegates can represent the minorities who do not live in Iowa or New Hampshire."

Rush doesn't buy that system is in place primarily for "racial fairness."