Rush Limbaugh REVEALS Why The FBI’s Investigation Of Hillary Clinton Was A Sham From The Beginning

September 26, 2016Sep 26, 2016

The FBI admitted that Hillary Clinton had lied about her email scandal and admitted that she had broken the law by allowing classified information to pass through the hands of people without proper security clearance. Despite the lawlessness uncovered by the investigation, the FBI and the Department of Justice declined to bring any charges against the Democratic presidential nominee.

It now appears that the FBI never had any intention of bringing any charges against Clinton. According to Limbaugh, “There was never going to be any serious investigation because it involved Obama.  And that just wasn't gonna happen.  There was no way the FBI is gonna investigate and recommend that Hillary be prosecuted if it involves and hurts Obama.  They gave immunity out to people that otherwise would have been charged and punished if convicted.  It was a cover-up from the get-go.”

In the latest batch of notes released from the FBI’s passive investigation, it was revealed that Obama not only knew about Hillary’s private email server, but that he corresponded with Clinton through her personal email. Obama even used a fake name when corresponding with Clinton.

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama knew prior to the investigation that they were breaking the law because “everything the president does is born classified,” Rush said. “That’s the term. He writes you a memo.  It's classified.  He shares with you his midnight basketball NCAA picks.  That's classified, because it comes from him.  So Hillary was lying.”

With the bombshell revelations, Rush believes that the “FBI investigation that was meant to do nothing but distract and obfuscate from the beginning,” because it involved the president of the United States.