Rush Limbaugh: I Blame OBAMA For This

September 22, 2016Sep 22, 2016

As a second night of protests in Charlotte, North Carolina of the police shooting of a black man exploded into a full-fledge riot with people brutally beaten for their skin color, businesses vandalized, vehicles attacked, and streets blocked by hoards of protesters hurtling profanities and objects at police, conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh put the ultimate blame squarely on President Barack Obama for reducing America to a nation where rioting has become the norm.

During his show yesterday, Rush said, "We are in the second term of the presidency of the first African-American president ever elected in this country, a former community organizer — ah — agitator, organizer, same thing, who promised and assured us, via hope and change, that none of this would survive the presidency. This kind of thing was destined for the ash heap. We aren't going to have these kinds of divisive squabbles any longer because the election of the first African-American president would finally mean that we had matured and that we had seen the error of our sinful past."

But he said none of that hope and change we were promised came to pass.

"And now look where we are," Rush continued. "We're nowhere. In fact, not only are we nowhere near that, we have regressed. We have regressed and we are in the process of regressing, specifically in the area of race relations, but in general throughout our culture. Our culture is being roiled. Our society is being torn asunder. It is happening with happiness on the part of those doing the asundering. They are gleeful and feel like they have an objective to accomplish here by further division, creating angst."

He added that people aren't even waiting for the facts of a police shooting to come out first anymore.

Rush said, "It doesn't matter what the details are. We have a police event, a cop draws a weapon, cop fires a weapon, that's all we need to know. It's all we need to know and we're gonna get into gear, and we're gonna find something to protest all in the second term of the first African-American president in this country who promised and assured us that these are the kinds of things that would cease."

Do you agree with Rush?