Rush Limbaugh: Attack On GOP Congressmen Confirmed Our Worst Fears

June 14, 2017Jun 14, 2017

On his show Wednesday, conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh addressed the shooting attack on congressional Republicans who were practicing near D.C. for a charity baseball game. And he said it confirms our worst fears as conservatives.

According to a transcript on his website, Rush called 66-year-old shooter James Hodgkinson “a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter” who is “deranged and delusional, no doubt driven to that to some degree, as we’ve been able to ascertain by examining the Facebook pages of groups that he watches, joins, interacts with, as well as the media he consumes.”

“The Democrat Party and the left for years have been feeding this,” Rush continued. “And particularly since the election of Trump they have virtually assured their supporters that Trump is guilty, guilty of treason. And every congressional hearing is going to provide the proof.”

Then he explained that every time one of these baseless attempts to topple Trump fails, it fills leftists with anger and disappointment, adding, “I think these people on the left have been driven to this extreme for quite a while.”

Rush pointed out Hodgkinson’s promotion of left-wing TV shows like “The Rachel Maddow Show,” “Real Time with Bill Maher,” and “Tonight With John Oliver.”

He continued, “Now, I also want to say [Hodgkinson] probably started off this way. I don’t know that this guy’s ever been a rational, invisible functioning member of a community, but at some point he got radicalized. This guy is the exact personification when I sit here and talk about the lunatic fringe base, the deranged base of the Democrat Party, this is the guy.”

“This is what you get when you stoke and fuel hatred, raw hatred and resentment, at some point it’s gonna blow over, because it cannot be contained, this kind of rage and repeated disappointment,” Rush added.

Rush explained that the Hodgkinson’s fall into left-wing extremism “is exactly what I am unfortunately worried about” when he sees how Democrats and the mainstream media manipulate people.

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