Rush Limbaugh: 6 Reason Why Oprah Would Have a Hard Time Beating Trump in 2020

January 08, 2018Jan 08, 2018

Few things can kick off the work week with more chatter than speculation over whether or not Oprah Winfrey is running for president in 2020 and how she would do in a face-off with President Trump. The suggestion came after Oprah gave a rousing, “stump-like” speech at Sunday’s 75th Golden Globe Awards.

While many liberal Hollywood celebrities are expressing support for a President Oprah, especially by using “#Oprah2020” on social media, some conservatives like Catholic commentator Matt Walsh are afraid she’d be a shoe-in.

But conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh believes Oprah, who has long referred to as “The Oprah,” would have an upward battle in a 2020 contest against Trump. He gave at least six reason why during his nationally acclaimed talk show on Monday.

One, the left doesn’t take Oprah that seriously, Rush explained. They mocked Trump for suggesting that Oprah would make a great running mate for him back in 2015 and said it was evidence that he wasn’t serious about being president.

Two, Americans aren’t as in love with Hollywood figures as Hollywood thinks they are.

“The Oprah is not a nationwide vote-getter like these people think she is,” Rush claimed. “And nobody in Hollywood is. Tom Hanks, take your pick of any of them. Throw ’em up there, make ’em candidates, put ’em on the stump and I will guarantee you not one of them gets close to what Donald Trump pulled off.”

After explaining how out-of-touch Hollywood is with the majority of Americans, he added, “I don’t think Oprah Winfrey could get anywhere near the total number of millions of votes that the Trumpster got. No way.”

Three, Republicans, conservatives, and those who crossed the political aisle in order to vote for Trump won’t like Oprah’s ideas for the country, Rush told his audience.

Rush explained that “once The Oprah starts talking about the issues that she believes in, it’s gonna be even tougher. All it would be would be a return to Obamaism with widely bigger government, wildly bigger intrusions, slow down economy….”

Four, the talk show host added that Oprah is trying to tout herself as a leader in the #MeToo movement against sexual abuse in Hollywood, but, “There are pictures all over the place today of Oprah Winfrey hugging Harvey Weinstein, pecking Harvey Weinstein on the cheek, holding Harvey Weinstein by the arm as he escorts her. They’re all over the place.”

Five, Oprah could promise to give every American a free car, which would be “tough to compete against,” but Rush doesn’t see her actually doing that.

Six, Rush believes that Oprah relies too much on being emotional.

“The key to The Oprah success is tears and crying, evidenced by last night’s telecast,” the talk show host claimed. “If you’ve ever watched [her show], she cries all the time. I mean the biggest audience is women; the fastest way to a woman’s heart is cry. This is the schtick of The Oprah.”

Do you think Rush is right on this? In related news, the White House, Oprah’s longtime partner Stedham Graham, and Meryl Streep have all weighed in on Oprah’s possible presidential run.

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