Rush: Liberal Is Actually Arguing That You SHOULDN'T Congratulate Engaged Couples

November 16, 2016Nov 16, 2016

Next time one of your friends, family members, or coworkers gets engaged, don't tell them congratulations. That's the demand of Redbook Magazine site director Ashley Mateo who uses her liberal logic to argue that it's totally inappropriate.

According to her column, Ashley argues that congratulations are for achievements and "Engagements aren't an achievement. Engagements are a grown-up decision made between two people who have discussed their relationship and decided that, hey, they're clearly better together than not, so why not make it official?"

She also argues that, "Not being engaged must mean you haven't achieved something, and, for the sake of this argument, that you're the marital equivalent of someone sleeping in their parents' basement at 30. It implies failure on the part of the un-engaged, and that's uncool."

That's quite an assumption.

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, saying, "So if you're gonna be a proper liberal, you cannot congratulate anybody anymore when they get engaged because to do so humiliates those who can't land a husband. Now, what kind of person do you have to be to see the world this way? You have to be a special kind of stupid to engage in some of the things our buddies — the Democrats and leftists — are engaging in today."

He added, "So maybe if you're too stupid to understand the definition of 'congratulations,' if you're too stupid to understand an expression of joy or happiness in the success and good fortune of another, that's what congratulations is about, somebody's made a decision here, they're very happy about it, you congratulate them on that."

Rush continued sarcastically, "If you are unable to acknowledge the joy or happiness of good fortune of another person, if your soul is so absent and you want to remove every bit of joy and romance from couples and relationships, or if you want to remove every bit of joy from life as you can because it's not fair, then have at it, stop congratulating anybody any time they have any success, because it's not fair, not everybody succeeds, and it stigmatizes those who don't."

Do you think Rush is right on this?