Rush: Hillary Totally FLUBBED Her Response To Reopened FBI Investigation

November 01, 2016Nov 01, 2016

There's no question FBI Director James Comey's announcement that he is reopening the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal is damaging to her campaign, especially this close to the election, but conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh said today that Hillary's response to it made it much more destructive.

Rush said, "They're in abject panic. Last Friday, when this letter was made public, Comey's letter to Congress, you know what she should have done? She could have shut all this down. She could have owned this week, because they're not gonna be producing anything [soon]."

Rush made it clear that if the Clinton campaign had stood behind Comey and told the American people that they had "utter confidence and faith" in him and the fact that he would find nothing incriminating, this would have quickly blown over.

"But," Rush said, "with her fighting it and with her team trying to make Comey now into Satan incarnate — and with all this, you know, hiding Huma — they have invited scrutiny. They have made it look like, 'Oh, my God! Comey must have something or Hillary wouldn't be acting this way. There must be something there or the Clinton campaign wouldn't be reacting this way.'"

"All of this," Rush concluded, "They have brought on themselves."

Do you agree with Rush on this?