Rush: Here's What You're Voting For If You Vote For Hillary

November 07, 2016Nov 07, 2016

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has a message for voters who aren't excited about either major candidate running for president in tomorrow's election: America will never united under Hillary.

"She brings three decades of baggage, dishonesty, scandal and no end in sight to any of that," Rush said.

He added to undecided voters that Trump "said some things you can't believe. He does some things you can't believe.... [But] the bottom line is, you've got two candidates here, and to those of you that are not really jazzed about either one, let me pose something for you to think about. One of these candidates has a track record of utter disaster."

Rush said that if you vote for Hillary, you are voting...
— " essentially continue the malaise and the confusion and the misery and the unhappiness that you have felt for I don't know how many years."
— "...for the party that has implemented the policies that have created student loan debt that's inserviceable."
— "...for the party that's made an absolute mess of American foreign policy and has destroyed the stature of the United States as a world superpower."
— "...for a party that believes people should recognize that the country's better days are behind us."
— "...for a party that believes it was never justified that the United States be a superpower because we are immoral and unjust from the days of our founding on, that we are a superpower only because of what we've stolen from other nations and how we have imprisoned other people and how we've forced our way of life on other people."
— "...[for] a party that wants our borders wide open so that people of very little education — no skills whatsoever — and don't even speak the language are able to flood our job market."
— " make sure we continue our decline and a downward spiral."
— "...[for] a known quantity, somebody that's been in her politics all her life and doesn't have a whole lot to show for it other than these things gnawing away at you that you know are just not right."
— "...[for] a known quantity that is dishonest, that is flirting with criminality seemingly every month, that is going to cause this nation to never be unified."

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