Rush: Here Is Why Bernie Did So Well; Here Is Why He's Not Now

February 22, 2016Feb 22, 2016

In Iowa, outsider Bernie Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton by an unexpectedly tiny margin of 0.3%. In New Hampshire, Bernie thrilled his grassroots supporters with an embarrassingly huge margin over Hillary, 60.4% to 38%. But Saturday night in Nevada, Hillary beat Bernie handedly with 52.6% over 47.3%.

What happened? Is the Bernie bus running out of gas?

According to conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, everything is going as planned by the Democratic Party. Rush has repeatedly said over the past months that Bernie was never intended to win the nomination and never will.

Rush explains, "Bernie has been there to create the illusion that Hillary can overcome a tough fight, that she can engage in a tough fight, that she can survive and thrive, that she's not worried about people coming at her, that she's not in a coronation, that she's prepared to roll up her sleeves and start duking it out with anybody, Bernie Sanders, she doesn't care who else. And then Bernie's gonna be properly vanquished and people are gonna say, "See, this woman is not to be trifled with." Bernie has been a foil all along, and he is now."

As for Hillary's win in Nevada? Rush says the game was rigged against Bernie with Hillary's money and influence in Nevada as well as Harry Reid paying off unions.

Do you think Rush is right on this?