Rush Has BRILLIANT Name For Obama's $400M Sent To Iran Program

August 04, 2016Aug 04, 2016

Is it just a coincidence that on the same day four American hostages were released from Iran the U.S. government sent $400 million to Iran to pay off part of a decades-long debt?

The Obama administration wants you to think so. The Wall Street Journal broke the story, detailing how the U.S. gave the huge sum of money in foreign currencies to the terrorism-supporting state while hostages like Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian and Idaho pastor Saeed Abedini were being set free.

Few conservatives are buying the story, and many commentators are calling it an under-the-table ransom payment to a dangerous regime. Even the Iranians have called it a ransom from day one.

But conservative talk radio show host Rush Limbaugh has a little different name for it: The Affordable Ransom Act.

"The Affordable Ransom Act from Barack Hussein Obama, a smashing success. If you like your kidnap victim, we will buy your kidnap victim," Rush quipped.

He added, "If you need money fast and you are a foreign government trying to ramp up a nuclear weapons program and further alienate the Middle East and your neighbors, and, if you are attempting to snooker the United States in the process, then simply call Washington and tell 'em you want the Affordable Ransom Act headquarters. That you have a kidnap victim, and that you're willing to sell it, because our president is into single-payer kidnapping."

Today, Rush pointed out that columnist Charles Krauthammer condemned the money exchange through foreign currencies as illegal. American dollars were converted to foreign currencies in order to circumvent then-still-in-place sanctions against Iran.

According to Fox News, Krauthammer added, "If a private company had done this, this is called money laundering. The CEO would be in jail right now."

What do you think of all of this?