Rush Has BIG Prediction For Trump Vs. Hillary Race

May 04, 2016May 04, 2016

With Ted Cruz and John Kasich out of the running, and with Bernie Sanders being pushed out of contention by Democratic superdelegates, the upcoming presidential race will very likely be Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton. And Rush Limbaugh has a big prediction for that race.


On his conservative radio talk show, Rush, who has never endorsed any particular Republican candidate for nomination in this election cycle, said quite simply, “My instinctive feeling right now is that Trump is going to win, beat Hillary badly — that it could be a landslide.”

Why? Rush gives 5 reasons:

— Trump has already beaten the odds by essentially winning the nomination despite not following the standard political campaign playbooks.

— Hillary has been losing state after state to Bernie.

— Bernie keeps winning, but the Democratic superdelegate system is rigged against him, and when he loses the nomination, many of his supporters will vote for Trump instead of Hillary out of anger.

— Despite their disappointment, many Cruz supporters will vote for Trump.

— The media wants Trump to win now because they think he’ll boost their ratings. They see him as a much more fun president to report on and try to destroy than Hillary. Do you think Rush is right on this?