Rush Has 6 Sentences For Us In These PESSIMISTIC Times

March 23, 2016Mar 23, 2016

Whether it's worry over terrorist attacks, the presidential race, or our country's leaders, pessimism seems rampant. That's what conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh believes.


In a Facebook post this morning, Rush wrote, "The worry, the negativism, the pessimism that's out there is just overwhelming. I guess it's natural. I mean, I think, sadly, pessimism is more a natural state in the human condition than optimism is. Pessimism doesn't take any effort. Optimism does. And that's why there's always far more pessimism out there than there is optimism."

The first comment on his post from Sandra Kaye countered: "Rush, if there was a reason to be optimistic with all that is going on, I'm sure most of us would be. Sadly, there is not much to be optimistic about except a change of leadership, or lack thereof, in Washington."

But Amanda Moore replied to that, saying, "It doesn't stop me from believing Divine intervention is possible."

Do you agree?