Rush: Dilbert Creator Is Spot On With Reason For Switching To Trump

September 26, 2016Sep 26, 2016

Dilbert creator Scott Adams a major social media buzz today after posting a long explanation of why he is switching his support from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump, and conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh says his reasoning is spot on.

Here's a summary of Adams' top six reasons:
1. Hillary just proposed raising estate taxes.
2. Between Hillary's estate tax and other taxes, 75% of my earnings will go to the government, and I worked very hard for that money.
3. Trump's supporters are far more enthusiastic about their candidate than Hillary's supporters.
4. Hillary doesn't look physically or mentally healthy enough to run our country.
5. Trump is a stronger leader and not nearly as extreme as the Left is making him seem.
6. Trump is a masterful persuader, which is useful in our battle against ISIS and our battle to keep the economy strong.

Adams added that Trump may not "understand policy minutia," but he listens to the experts he surrounds himself with and presents great solutions.

On his show today, Rush zeroed in on the reason he likes the best, number 5. He emphasized how Adams talks about Trump's ability to relate to the public, match their emotional state, and lead them. In other words, Trump knows how to match pace with his audience, which is a business technique.

"This is instinct," Rush explained. "Pacing and leading... It can be strategized. But this is something you either have or you don't have. You can be taught this, by the way. You could learn this. But it's very difficult for people to actually say something that everybody else is gonna think is extreme. Most people don't want the flak. Most people don't want to deal with the criticism. But if you know it's just your opener — it's how you establish and relate yourself — and then once you've got people, then you lead, and they will follow you, because you've made the emotional connection. [Adams] says this is what Trump does naturally."

Is this a good reason? Which reasons do you think are the strongest?

Reminder: Trump and Hillary will face-off in the first presidential debate tonight at 9 p.m. on CNN.