Rush: Apple Might Be Making THIS Huge Mistake

February 25, 2016Feb 25, 2016

On his conservative radio talk show today, Rush Limbaugh introduced a new angle on the battle between the FBI and Apple over unlocking the San Bernardino terrorists' iPhone.


Rush first reiterated that he believes the FBI doesn’t simply want to access this one iPhone but is asking for Apple to give them the key so they can potentially unlock any iPhone. Rush also pointed out that the FBI specifically chose to make their request public in order to gin up support and put the pressure on Apple.

Rush explained that the FBI is “using the threat of terrorism as a means of emotionally involving everybody here. I mean, who can oppose finding out everything you can find out about terrorists?”

But here’s the fresh angle. Rush says Apple is committed to preserving its users’ privacy, and thus it will secure their future phones even more — quite possibly to the point where even Apple could not hack into their own phones.

And that creates a problem, Rush says.

He pointed out that if you forget your passcode and “if you did not set up ways for you to remind yourself what that password is, you're gonna be out of luck. are screwed. There will not be a way into it. That's gonna end up making a lot of people really irritated.... That's the position Apple finds themselves in. It's a tough sell.”