Rush Answers: Does Cruz Really Have A Chance Of Winning?

March 20, 2016Mar 20, 2016

On his conservative radio talk show Friday, Rush Limbaugh pointed out that the Republican establishment is trying to find an alternative to Donald Trump, especially if the convention is contested, and a group of conservative leaders met in D.C. on Thursday to discuss a third-party candidate. But neither are saying enough about the second-place candidate in the race: Ted Cruz.


Does Cruz have a reasonable chance of winning the nomination? Rush pointed out some things he has going for him:
1. Cruz has been ignored by the media from the start, despite how well he's done at debates. Yet the " fact that Ted Cruz is in second place is astounding."
2. Cruz has been hit repeatedly on all sides by all the candidates, and the media gives him little chance to respond, yet he's withstood the attacks.
3. The Republican establishment hates Cruz because he's gone against their will so many times in the past, yet without their support he's still in the top spot behind Trump.

Rush points out that Cruz is doing well "despite all of the obstacles that have been put in his way."

Does he still have a chance to win the nomination? Rush says yes.

Do you agree with Rush?